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What's in print about Days' latest star?

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Kyle Brandt (Philip, Days) getting ready for his close-up at the E! Network studios in Los Angeles, Calif. A guest on E! News Live, Brandt filled in interviewers Teresa Strasser and Patrick Stinson on making the transition from Real World to reel world. "I was lucky to get this role," he shared candidly, "and I'm really enjoying it." Like good reporters, Strasser and Stinson tried to pry information about Days top secret serial killer storyline from the daytime newcomer, but Brandt dodged the subject like a seasoned pro. "There's lots of big stories coming up this fall," he would only tease with a devious grin.

Soap Opera Digest

August 5, 2003

Cover Story:  Kiss and Tell




A triangle is born this week when Philip, unable to hide his feelings for Belle any longer, tells her that he wishes they were more than friends.  "He feels helpless", explains Kyle Brandt (Philip).  "He's torn.  It's something he doesnt want to get into because he knows it's tactically wrong.  It's hard for Philip because he's trying to do the right thing and this is a very passionate, reckless thing to do, which is a reflection of the old Philip.  He's wrestling with a lot."


So is Belle, who is somewhat caught off-guard by her pals declaration.  "She's shocked, but I think it's one of those things where Belle knew something was going on between them, so she wasn't completely surprised," says Kirsten Storms (Belle).  "It's been obvious since the day that Philip came back that he and Belle have had this weird chemistry.  She knew it would come out, so she was just waiting, but at the same time was really scared that it was going to happen."


Things get steamy when Philip kisses Belle.  She insists that her heart belongs to Shawn...but neglects to fill in her beau about the bussing.  "Belle wants so badly to tell him whats going on, but for some reason she can't", says Storms.  "She feels bad, but not bad enough!  She still hangs around with Philip for some reason."


Shawn, however, isn't blind to the fact that his best friend has feelings for his girlfriend.  "Philip is pressing so hard for Belle's attention and love, and Shawn is wary of it because never before has there been pressure with Philip going for Belle," points out Jason Cook (Shawn).  "Before, Shawn had insurance with Chloe, and Chloe is out of the picture now."  Needless to say, Shawn doesn't react well to Philip as a newfound threat.  "There is supposed to be some trust and some relationship there, and, obviously, now there's not," notes Cook.  "It bothers Shawn to even feel the slight twinge of a threat from Philip because they have been friends for so long, and Philip should respect those boundaries."


According to Brandt, its those boundaries that have kept his alter ego from speaking up sooner.  "If he weren't thinking about the consequences, he would have told her weeks ago and I think he would have just come and done it with all this bravado," maintains the actor.  "He knows it goes against a million things, including his relationship with Shawn, and Belle's relationship with Shawn, yet despite all that, he's compelled.  The consequences could be potentially dire and they're at the front of this mind."


As for Belle, she's trying to sort out what she feels for both men.  "I think its a situation where if Shawn weren't in the picture, she would be with Philip, and that scares her that it's even an option to be with him," reveals Storms, who is feeling a little conflicted herself.  "I feel bad because there is so much that has been put into the Belle and Shawn storyline," she smiles.  "It took them so long to get together and their relationship has been good so far, and I almost feel like I'm betraying Jason's character by being in a storyline with someone else!  They've never given Belle another person to come into the relationship before its always been Shawn who has had someone entering and trying to take him away from Belle.  It's weird for her to be the one in that position, but its fun!"


And its just the beginning.  "Belle took the baton from Philip in the sense that before, Philip was the conflicted one, he was holding the secrets, but he came clean and it liberated him," says Brandt.  "He doesn't care if people know.  Now, Belle is the one who has all of that weight on her shoulders.  And what happens this week just adds fuel to the fire."


Philip, Days

SOW, July 29, 2003:


Recent fad I admit to trying:           

Carb-free diet (I hated it!)

Favorite actor:           

Christian Bale

Favorite actress:           

Farah Fath (Mimi, Days)

Favorite movies:           

True Romance, Boogie Nights and Seven

Greatest fear:           


Favorite TV shows:           

24, Curb your enthusiasm and Pardon the Interruption

Favorite singer:           

Lori Trespicio

Film or theatrical role for the opposite sex I would most like to play: 

Mallory in Natural Born Killers

If I could only keep one household appliance, it would be:           

a dishwasher

Something you'd be surprised to know about me:    

I never smoked a cigarette. 

Currently reading: 

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix by J.K. Rowling

Favorite books:           

Paradise Lost, by John Milton; A Clockwork Orange by Anthony Brugess

Favorite food:           

Chicago-style deep-dish pizza

Least favorite food: 

Gin is that a food?

Favorite comfort foods:           

Cocoa Krispies and Jack Daniels

Favorite song:           

Stinkfest, by Tool

Favorite item of clothing:                  

my vintage Harley Davidson T-shirt

Nobody knows I can:   

chug a beer really fast

I can imitate:           

John Black

If I couldn't be an actor, I'd be:           

a teacher or a marine

Most embarrassing moment:           

meeting Stephen Nichols (Stefan, GH) on Soap Talk

Something that makes me see red:           

People with no class

Celebrity I'm most often mistaken for:                

Jay Kenneth Johnson (ex-Philip)

What I dislike most about my appearance:           

I have the largest head on the planet

My heroes:           

My grandparents They've been married over 60 years

Best one word or short phrase that describes me:           

ambitious but patient

My epitaph:           

 Above all else, an amazing father and loving husband.

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